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About Elisabeth Garden Florist

Hello, I am Ioana. In the tender embrace of grief's gentle touch, amidst the echoing whispers of the loss of my mother Nina, I found solace in the delicate petals of nature's most profound creation - flowers.


It was the loving memory of my mother, Nina and her boundless adoration for flowers that became my guiding light. Her legacy, woven with the fragrant blooms she cherished and loved so much, beckoned me into the realm of floristry.

Thus, with a soul ablaze with determination, I embarked on a journey of transformation, where the sorrow of my mom's loss metamorphosed into the very essence of beauty and resilience.

Driven by an unwavering love for my mother, Nina, I nurtured a garden within my heart, where every bloom whispered tales of love and the ceaseless dance of life.


Welcome to Elisabeth's Garden, a sanctuary where each petal is not merely a blossom, but a testament to life's most cherished moments. Here, amidst the fragrant melodies of nature's symphony, we honor the fleeting beauty that flowers bring to life. Elisabeth was my grandmother's name and aslo my middle name, hence the choice for Elisabeth.

In every bouquet meticulously crafted, in every bloom tenderly selected, lies a piece of my heart - a tribute to my mommy and a gift of love to you and your loved ones. May you find within these hallowed petals a sanctuary of beauty and a glimmer of hope, as you gift them to your loved ones.

So, let me fill your life with the beauty that blossoms from the depths of my soul, for in every bloom lies intoxicating fragrance and beauty that flowers bring to those who receive them and surounds them with sweet embrace.

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